512 Hwy 64, Manteo, NC 27954,

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Roanoke Island Bigfoot Museum

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The Bigfoot Field Research Organization

The Bigfoot Field Research Organization aka the BFRO are not only TV stars the also have the largest database of bigfoot sightings.


The most extensive collection of cryptozoological information including who's who in the cryptozoology world. 

Barackman's Cast Index

Cliff Barackman, star of "Finding Bigfoot has an excellent website.  Click below to check out his cast index.

Crytozoology and Paranormal Musuem

Check out the  cryptozoology and Paranormal Museum located in Littleton, NC

Outside Magazine

Outside Magazine online article entitled "The 10 Most Convincing Bigfoot Sightings"  click the link to read the article and see the photos